The Passport

All Travelers/tourists to Uganda or the East African Community (EAC) who are not residents/citizens of one of the EAC member states are required to present a valid passport at the port of entry unless they are among those listed under passport exemptions.

It must be valid at least up to 6months beyond your period of intended stay. East African citizens and residents are usually exempted from passports but may be required to present a valid equivalent such as National I.D cards for travel to/within the region. You are advised to check with us or your agent or online travel sites for advice and latest info regarding this.

The Visa

All visa prone nationalities are required to obtain a visa before entering and to facilitate their stay in Uganda and/or East African Region. Visa can be obtained at the port of entry to Uganda or respective countries, specific country missions/embassies in countries of origin or applied for online.

The 3 East African countries of Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda created the Borderless Boarders Brand where a single Tourist visa can be obtained [East African Tourist Visa] for travel into/across these countries for tourism over a period of 90days. Useful sites; see its travel info section. Uganda’ and Kenya— visit individual country pages/sites for details


For a wonderful stay and hassle free travel in the East Africa and Uganda in particular, one needs to take proper health and medical precautions before and during travel and their stay. We highly recommend visitors/travelers to make sure they are healthy before travel, visit your doctor for checkups and other health travel preparations.

Highly recommended is Yellow Fever vaccination and remember to carry your vaccination certificates to avoid disappointments, others may include; Hepatitis, Cholera, Rabies and Malaria. Remember to prepare well in advance as some vaccinations may require to be taken 2-3 weeks before travel commences, visit a travel clinic or doctor and respective country websites/pages for the latest health info and updates.

Currency and Forms of Payment

The most commonly used foreign currency in the Travel and Tourism sector across the East African region is the US Dollar [USD]. Transactions within the various East African countries and Uganda in particular can be done and carried out using different valid local and international currencies plus other forms of payments like Credit cards though not all cards are generally /widely acceptable. Using them usually attracts/comes with a service/surcharge.

Foreign currencies can be exchanged for local currencies or any other currency at the prevailing bank selling rate in respective banks or at existing forex bureaus.